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When a family entrusts you with the well being their loved one, the expect you to treat your resident or patient like family. Protect them, care for them, keep them safe, both medically and physically. The tools you provide to your staff which gives them the ability to communicate with each other quickly and efficiently will set your community or facility apart from the rest. Emergency devices can be worn as a pendant or watch, for mobility and freedom of your residents. Strategically placed medical alarms throughout your community allows them to enjoy independence without fear.In-Room devices, such as bedside alarms, shower alarms, motion detectors and bed sensors gives the family and your resident confidence that you will be there when needed. In addition to the benefits of a more effective means of communication, management can review reports which indicate which staff member attended to that person, what needs to be done in their room, when medication was administered, among other key variables which allows you to truly have an overall perspective of your operations.

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Independent, Assisted Living,  & Skilled Nursing Solutions

Patient Monitoring:

Immediate response is critical to a health care facility. With today’s technology, your staff can monitor your residents or patients and coordinate a response using devices that alert them instantly of a crisis. Typical devices include:

OUTSIDE OF RESIDENCE OR ROOM: Primarily for assisted living or long term care facilities with mobile and active residents /patients.

Call Station: install push button or pull cord stations throughout your facility or campus, when activated notifies your staff of a resident’s exact location.
Pendants: wristband and necklace styles are worn by the individual. With total campus coverage, residents can use these devices outside of their apartment Fall Management: motion sensor and/or bed pressure solutions alert your staff if a resident has gotten out of bed or fallen.

- Allows the resident or patient to request assistance from your staff and sensitive enough for motor-function-challenged residents
- Classic Call Cord Station
- Pneumatic Call Cord
- Touch Pad Call Device

Environmental Monitoring:

Beyond medical care, you are responsible for the well-being and safety of your residents and/or patients. Installation of the following types of devices will help protect them from external threats to their welfare.
- Smoke Detectors
- Door Bell
- Vacant Room Monitoring
- Door and Window Alarms
- Security Screen Monitoring
- Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Resident Wellness Monitoring:

- Active & Passive Resident Check-In
- Devices Staff Rounds Check
- Seat & Wheelchair Monitoring
- Incontinence Detection
- Staff Reminders
- Resident Reminders & Notification
- Wander Resident Security


CIS Offers Custom Solutions

Do your safety concerns go beyond pull cords and pendants? Are you worried about residents or unauthorized guests entering or leaving your building? Does your staff feel secure at night knowing who is coming and going?
CIS offers ongoing support to our clients, will be available to answer your questions at any time, and can be on call to service any of your system components. Following the installation of your system, you may enroll in service agreement for ongoing consulting, service and preventive maintenance services to ensure your system is always operating at peak performance.
Call us at 888-350-5965 to schedule a free consultation and evaluation. We'll discuss your goals, and map out a plan to reach them.