24/7 Monitoring


A monitored alarm system is one of the best ways to protect your employees and place of business should there ever be intrusion, fire, medical emergency, gas build-up, water leak or almost any other unspeakable event. Our Central Station services are constantly aware of any signal that comes from your systems which ensures a fast response when it is needed most.

Cost Savings- New technology allows you to eliminate the expense of conventional phone lines by using cellular, network, or radio communications. Save on property insurance.  It’s proven that physical losses are significantly less in structures monitored by a central station-- this savings is passed along to policy owners. Increased peace of mind-  Even when you are not at work, emergencies are responded to immediately. This provides protection for employees, stock, irreplaceable data, historical documents and much more.
Instant feedback-  Technological advancements facilitate instant notification of alarm system events, including the notification of power failures, system access outside of normal hours, abnormal temperatures, medical alerts or almost any other “actionable” event the owner would want to be aware of immediately.

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