Video Surveillance


With An Advanced IP Video System

With strategically placed video cameras around your property, you can deter and document criminal activities, be aware of who may be entering your premises - deliveries, employees, and visitors, and view all activities from your mobile devices.  Well placed cameras within your workplace can show you the daily operations, protect you from fraudulent lawsuits, and document theft by customers or employees.  Leave the "they said", "we said" world behind, and make your case with irrefutable proof. 


  • Incredible image clarity gives you more detail and zoom capabilities,
  • Allows rapid response by giving you access to the video feed from your office or mobile device with internet connection 
  • Maximum image resolution which utilizes minimum bandwidth and increased storage capabilities
  • There’s no need to trash your old video cameras, the new IP video cameras and software can be integrated, creating a new “hybrid” system which will work seamlessly together.
  • The new architecture will allow you to scale your system as needed. Add an unlimited number of cameras as your business grows. 
  • You can choose between a variety of camera features, styles and resolutions. Guaranteed to fit your needs and  budget.
  • Easy to stay up to date with evolving technology by upgrading IP software
  • Easy installation of wireless cameras saves you the expense of wiring installation.
  • Receive alerts on your cell phone or email 
  • Seamless integration with your existing intrusion and access control systems.
Would you like to see what’s happening at your business even when you’re not there? Do you worry about theft at your business? Would the ability to record video, inside or outside your business, be useful? Would you like to automatically record video anytime the camera senses motion in a specific area? Are you interested in a way to reduce diminishing profits due to theft at your business?
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