Intrusion Detection


Because They Don't All Think Alike.


Before an intruder can break in, they must cross your premises barriers. This would include exterior video surveillance, door and window sensors, as well as beam detection sensors. Your security system can be programmed to sound the alarm immediately or set with a time delay to give you the opportunity to disarm the system. Time delays are most often used on a main access door where people normally enter or exit the premises.


If an intruder were to enter your building, your interior devices would serve as a secondary deterrent.  Devices available to you include motion and glass break detectors. Motion detectors can be set to “stay” or “away” to allow for employees still inside the building.


The typical intrusion alarm system consists of the following basic components:

Contact Switches: Contact switches are installed on doors and windows to detect when the door or window has been opened.

Motion Detectors: Motion detectors are most commonly installed in hallways, corridors, and within rooms that contain a high concentration of valuables.

Glass Breakage Detectors: Glass breakage detectors are normally installed near accessible glass windows and doors at the exterior of the building.

Panic & Holdup: Buttons that allow users to notify authorities silently.

Alarms/Signaling Devices: Activates when an intrusion is detected, warning employees, neighbors and the intruder. There are both audible and visual types of signaling devices.


  • Receivers & Repeaters
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • PIRs
  • Remote Controls

  • Expanders & Modules
  • Glassbreaks
  • Bill Traps
  • Z-Wave Devices

Would you like to see who is entering your building and document their activities? Would you like to get a message when your employees arrive at work and disarm the system? Would you like to be able to check to be sure that you armed your business system while you’re away from the office? Would you like to turn on the interior lights before you walk into work?

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