High-Resolution Music In Every Room

With a triad line of auido products, we will bring great-sounding music with every room of your house. Immerse yourself in music while performing tasks like preparing dinner, dancing to a playlist, entertaining guests, even just relaxing with a glass on the patio. Treat yourself to pristine-sounding songs in one room or all rooms.

Home Automation On Hand

Premium automation featured in a home, means more comfort, convenience, and security. We make it easy to take command of all things - Lights, security, climate control, home theater, music, and more. Be it at home or on the go. Blinds going up at sun rise. Set the lights for the perfect mood. Text alerts when kids get home from school. The temperature of the thermostats set just right when you arrive home from work. All from with one touch.

In Safe Hands

Your family is your most valuable Asset. We offer many solutions that will give you complete control of all systems and devices in your home. Your treasures will alwyas be safe and secure. With 24/7 monitoring of your home from your smartphone, you will always be in the know. If someone left the garage door open, you will get to close it instantly. At any time you can view all the security cameras as well as receive a text alert of certain actions. whether its when someone comes home or the dishwash springs a leak. A Smart home builds a happy family.

Brighten your possibilities

Increase or lower the brightness of any light in the room or anywhere in the house with a single touch. Even with out a touch at all you can allow the lighting to respond to your life. Security and energy efficiant convenience is provided by Smart lighting. Its even smart enough to handle more than just lights. you can unlock the door, adjust the temperature, and start a movie with a simple tap, all at once.

Captivate your Stress

The secret to a truly riveting home theater is the combination of sight and sound so realistic, that you feel immersed in the film. Adding a massive screen and project and the magic of triad audio solutions, makes your home theater experience pure magic. It's far superior than going out to see a movie. Fire up the Dobly Atmos System and queue the surround sound, drop the screen and dim the lights all with one touch.

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