Every Second Counts When a Fire Breaks Out...


Seconds Count, When A Fire Breaks Out.

You need to protect your business and its assets from a devastating fire. That includes not only the structure, work product, and building contents, but most importantly, your employees. If your system needs to be upgraded to the latest technology or if you need to have one installed in a new or existing building, our team can assess your needs and recommend a solution that is customized to your needs and budget.


  • Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Test & Inspections: We will perform the annual inspections on the Fire Alarm systems as required by NFPA 72. The annual inspections consist of complete functional test of all the devices in the system.
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspections: We will perform the annual and three quarterly Fire Sprinkler inspections as required by NFPA 25.
  • Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Monitoring: We will provide monitoring of your fire alarm systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through our UL listed Central Station.


  • Annual backflow valve certification
  • Annual fire hydrant certification
  • Fire Extinguisher Certification
  • Security Systems; New Systems, monitoring, service and maintenance.
  • Closed Circuit TV; System Maintenance or new installs.
  • Access; Entry access, control, and history.
  • Emergency Lights; Inspections, annual maintenance plan available.
  • Semi Annual Hood Certification (Typical)

Have you ever been on your way home from work and wondered whether you turned the alarm on before you left? Have you ever needed to arm your system while you were away from the office? Would you like to save energy by adjusting your thermostat even when you’re not at work?

Detection devices can save lives, assets, and your business. So flashing, audible alarms help warn employees and visitors to evacuate. Critical Integrated Systems LLC, allows you to choose among a variety of fire safety devices and manufacturers.


CIS is a Full Service Fire & Security Integrator. We design, engineer, install, repair and service all systems. We also provide monitoring services tailored to your needs.

Call us at 407.834.0051 to schedule a free consultation and evaluation. We'll discuss your goals, and map out a plan to reach them.