Access Control


Entry Points, Rooms, Parking areas, computers



Controlling who has access to your building, specific floors, select areas, and even critical rooms, not only protects your capital investments, and trade secrets, it can also mean protecting the lives of your employees from unlawful intrusion by unauthorized individuals.

Beyond the safety features afforded your business by installing an Access Control System, you will be able to monitor the arrival and departure times of deliveries, guests, and employees and perform a facility or area lock down from any PC, reader, or mobile device.



  • With an advanced Access Control System, authorization can be granted and revoked when YOU choose.
  • Electronic access points can be established at all entry points to your facility, as well as within your elevators and specified areas for your most trusted personnel.
  • Employee cards and codes can be implemented immediately upon hire, and restricted instantly upon termination.
  • Save money by not re-keying locks when a key goes missing, or an employee is fired.
  • Delivery services and guests can be welcomed, but restricted to your public areas, or any area of your choosing.
  • Monitor, and document, the arrival and departure times of deliveries, guests, and employees.
  • Choose cellular, network, or dial-up communication options to ensure your system is in constant contact with your monitoring services.
  • Control your system via text messages, and receive text or email alerts of alarms and other system events
  • Easy operation ensures your system will actually be used by employees, with fewer false alarms
  • Manage your business with a single, simple-to-use system

Could you manage your business better if you knew when your employees opened the doors in the morning and locked up at night? Do you sometimes need to open a back door to let someone in with a delivery? Have you ever needed to turn your alarm system off so that someone could get in ... like a cleaning crew or service person? Have you ever been on your way home from work and wondered whether you turned the alarm on before you left? Would you like to turn on the interior lights before you walk into work?

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